Our Cooking Lessons

One-on-One Cooking Lessons for beginners ~ Pretoria area
Personalized, individual cooking instruction. Learn to cook quick and easy.

Cooking Lessons with Friends ~ Pretoria area
Fun, yet intensive lessons for a groups of ladies or men. A great way to spend time with friends.

Bachelorette Cooking Parties ~ Pretoria area
A unique idea for a special occasion.

Men’s Cooking Lessons ~ Pretoria area
All the professional men out there who cannot fry an egg:  You always wanted to learn how to cook!!  One day you will be required to make an English breakfast … contact us to teach you the basics of cooking.  You don’t need to eat frozen meals from your local supermarket every night!

Skype Cooking Lessons ~ Anywhere
Should you reside outside the boundaries of Pretoria, we offer you the Skype facility.  In this case, we will discuss beforehand what type of food you want to prepare. You will receive a list of ingredients that will be needed.  When you are ready, I will guide you step by step.  You will still be able to create your masterpiece.