About us

Look’nCook specialises in training individuals to master elementary cooking skills, cooking expertise and the art of food preparation. All of this done in the comfort of your own home. We will come to you. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Whether it is quick and easy meals, traditional foods or multiple course meals: we have your back. We cater for all levels of cooking.

The lessons are fun and informative.  This is path of discovery. You will master the art of cooking which will leave you smiling with a sense of achievement. The lessons are designed to assist you to become a successful, satisfied cook.

I got married at a young age to a young man who hated restaurant food or any other convenient foods.  I could not even fry an egg.  It was a rocky road and I had to withstand many complaints from him.  I started experimenting with food – add something here and omit something there.  I started baking cakes using my Mother’s fail-proof recipe.  I created the most decadent cakes and he loved them.  The years went by and with time I became more relaxed in the kitchen and the rest is history.

I will teach you to be comfortable and relaxed whilst creating the most perfect dishes you have ever made. There will be a big difference between yours and the shop-bought dishes.